About Aeration

Oxygen and Water Systems

Water bodies are miniature ecosystems containing all forms of life including plants, animals and bacteria. All of these living organisms require oxygen. An adequate concentration of oxygen in the water is required to maintain a healthy ecosystem.

How Oxygen Is Used

All plants and animals use oxygen when they respire or breathe. However, the biggest consumer of oxygen in water bodies is the decomposition of organic material at the bottom. When plants and animals die they fall to the bottom and decompose. This decomposition process consumes large amounts of oxygen and is the reason why oxygen concentrations are lowest at the bottom of a water body.

When all the oxygen is consumed, the decomposition process continues without oxygen. This is called anaerobic decomposition and the compounds it produces cause changes in the water’s taste, odour and the ability to support normal conditions.

Why Aerate Your Water System?

Aeration augments the natural process of oxygen replacement. It helps ensure that oxygen concentrations remain high enough to prevent the development of anaerobic conditions.

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