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Type of System: Aeration,

– Biological Remediation Problem:

Golf Course ponds serve many purposes. They are water traps to golfers, but are also, Irrigation storage reservoirs and nutrient catchment basins. This is were the problems occur. Due to the necessity of high nitrogen and phosphorous fertilizers used to keep turf grass looking plush and green; the ponds are the recipient of these nutrients.

As we know water that has an abundance of nutrients quickly starts to grow algae and other invasive plants. Odors from methane and hydrogen sulfide gas occur when the sludge becomes anaerobic.

The proper use of Aquatech’s O2b2 linear diffuser tubing produces aerobic conditions throughout the water column, eliminating noxious conditions and supplying oxygen to aquatic ecosystems in the pond.

Once adequate dissolved oxygen levels are achieved; we can introduce beneficial microorganisms which convert the excess nutrients in the pond into bacterial biomass, producing food for higher life forms including fish. New life in pond brings on predators, such as the Great Blue Heron, Kingfishers, Eagles and Hawks. This will bring joy to many a golfer and nature lover.

Arbutus Ridge Golf and Country Club, Cobble Hill, BC

The challenge
This prestigious 18-hole course has several water hazards and irrigation ponds typical of most modern courses. The main irrigation pond holds approximately 2 million gallons of water, with a maximum depth of 11 feet. High nutrient loads from fertilizers and organic debris had built up 6″of organic sludge on the bottom. The pond had severe algae blooms, excessive weed growth and extremely discolored water. Efficiency of the pumps and irrigation system was reduced due to the amount of solids in the water column. The daily irrigation cycle is 250,000 to 350,000 gallons per day.

Steps to a solution
During the first phase we increased and stabilized the dissolved oxygen level and circulated the water. This was accomplished with 250 feet of aeration tubing and a 1/3-hp compressor. Next we implemented a Bacta-Pur bacterial augmentation program. A dose of two liters of Bacta-Pur XLG and two litres of Bacta-Pur N3000 per week were pre-activated and distributed in the pond.

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Within a month there was significant algae reduction, water color improved and odors were eliminated. The water visibility increased from less than one foot to eight feet. Sludge accumulations were also reduced. Golf balls were now visible on the bottom. The dissolved oxygen levels maintained more than eight parts per million from the surface to the bottom of the pond.


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