Aquaculture Applications

Aquatech recognizes the necessity of providing customers with a reliable, cost-effective system for maintaining oxygen levels and a healthy environment in aquaculture settings.

To address the specific aeration needs of the aquaculture industry, Aquatech developed the Oxygem. The Oxygem consists of a 20′ x 20′ platform constructed of fiberglass. The platform is suspended from the surface via cables and plastic floats. On the platform a series of O2b2 diffuser tubes are connected to a 2″ H.D.P.E. header. A bacteria delivery system is installed for adequate nutrient reduction. A perpendicular pipe is suspended in the centre of the platform. As air is injected through the top it creates a low-pressure area in relation to the water outside. This process is called an airlift.

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Fine bubble aeration assists the natural ecosystem and reduces the stress of oxygen depleting processes, such as organic loading, which are amplified by high evaporation in the summer and ice cover in the winter.

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Waste Stabilization Ponds are used extensively for sewage treatment and represent one of the most cost-effective, reliable and easily operated processes for treating domestic and industrial wastes.

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Golf course ponds serve many purposes. They can be annoying water traps to golfers, but are also irrigation storage reservoirs and nutrient catchment basins. This is where problems may occur.

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Dead plants form organic sludge, the accumulation of which results in oxygen depletion and release of noxious pollutants such as ammonia and hydrogen sulfide. Aquatech is able to solve this environmental problem.

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It’s All About The Bubble

Of prime importance in aeration is the speed at which the bubble rises to the surface. slower speed increases contact time with water faster speed decreases contact time Fine bubbles rise to the surface significantly slower than coarse bubbles. As bubbles rise to the surface they drag water behind them creating friction. Since fine bubbles have a greater surface area than coarse bubbles Read More…

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If you are looking for reliable, cost effective products for managing water quality in Aquaculture, Ponds, Dugouts, and other water systems, check out our Products Page.

Concerned About Water Quality?

Salinity is the concentration of dissolved salts in water. It is an important element of a habitat. Aquatic animals adapt to live within certain salinity ranges. The Sunfish for example could not survive in salt water because it has adapted to live in common ponds and freshwater. Animals living in salty conditions tend to be more tolerant of a wider range of salinity. Many species of fish migrate from salt to freshwater in order to spawn. Read More

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