Aquaculture Applications

Type of system: Aeration O2b2 Fine Bubble Diffuser

Mountain Trout Sales,

Victoria BC

The Challenge
Mr. Jack Nickolichuck of Mountain Trout Sales contacted Aquatech and explained that oxygen levels were dropping in his trout pond and as a result he had to reduce feeding. This in turn would result in slower growth rates. The dissolved oxygen at the sludge layer was non-existent. The main pond was aerated with three 2hp surface aerators.

Steps to a solution
Mr. Nickolichuck supplied us with sketches of the pond including bottom layout, depths and location of a power supply. We also received information on stocking density, location of fish pens and sludge depth. With this information we were able to calculate pond volume and oxygen demand. It was determined that 1000 feet of O2b2 Aeration Tubing and 550 feet of feeder tubing would be adequate. The system would require a 2hp-air compressor with discharge manifold mounted on the shore. Mountain Trout Sales supplied Aquatech with data on Dissolved Oxygen [DO] readings from 08/18/2000 before we installed the system up to and including 09/01/2000.

With the addition of our O2b2 aeration system, Mr. Nickolichuck was able to double the feed within one day. The dissolved oxygen levels are now stable. There is now dissolved oxygen at the sludge layer. Aerobic bacteria can now start to decompose the organic solids on the bottom.

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Date 8:00 Am 4:00 Pm Feeding
Aug 18 6.8  x Feeding at 40 pounds per day
Aug 19 7.1  x x
Aug 20 6.8  x  x
Aug 21 6.9  x Running three surface aerators and one pump
Aug 22 7.0 x x
Aug 23 7.3 x x
Aug 24 7.4 8.8 x
Aug 25 7.5 9.2 x
Aug 26 8.1 9.7 Installation
Aug 27 8.0 9.7 Feeding at 80 pounds per day
Aug 29 8.2 7.9  x
Aug 30 7.9 x Running two surface aerators and O2b2
Aug 31 8.2 8.6  x
Sept 01 7.6 x  x

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