Bacta-Pur biotechnological products contain beneficial communities of natural bacteria that have been on earth for millions of years. Aquatech simply grows them in the right proportions to create powerful teams that improve water quality and accelerate the transformation of organic wastes into bacterial biomass, carbon dioxide and water. Every production of Bacta-Pur biotechnologies is analyzed and cleared for shipment only after using techniques from the food industry to conclusively determine that they are certified pathogen free.

The What and Why of Bioaugmentation:
Bioaugmentation is the seeding of specific strains of organisms to achieve desirable results. The concept is as old as civilization. Think of your favorite cheese, wine, beer or other alcoholic beverage, yogurt, bread. All of these processes are based on use of specific microorganisms to obtain a precise result. Bioaugmentation as it applies to water quality improvement, refers to the seeding of specific organisms to enhance this process.

Bioaugmentation at the service of the environment, and particularly physiological engineering and seeding of microbial consortia, is a relatively young science. It has potential, however, in all realms of environmental management, from traditional wastewater treatment plants to advanced ecologically engineered systems to soil decontamination to water body restoration. All of these systems or processes depend on the growth and activity of microbial communities. Bioaugmentation, particularly, when linked to ecological engineering can transform organic wastes into valued resources such as fish for restocking. It is also more difficult for people to complain that a wastewater treatment plant is not treating water adequately when the effluent is adequate for the production of valued sport fish. It is, hopefully, clear to alt readers that environmental management entering the twenty first century will drop some unfounded beliefs which seem to predate the nineteenth century, such as the spontaneous generation of all necessary strains in wastewater treatment plants. Even if bacteria can be found in most environments and if they can be transported by the winds, it seems rather incongruous that in this day and age of wastewater facilities costing hundreds of millions of dollars that the arrival of the most essential part of the water beneficial community is usually dependent upon which way the wind blows. Biotechnology can help stabilize treatment efficiency by assuring the presence of specific beneficial communities in the appropriate physiological condition.

Aquaresearch Ltd maintains an intensive R&D program to assure that The Bacta-Pur System remains the state-of-the-art in environmental biotechnologies.

What are the benefits? 

  • products attack both the solid and soluble pollution
  • microorganisms use these wastes as food for their growth
  • by-products of this natural process include water, carbon dioxide and bacterial biomass which is rich in protein
  • wastes are converted into natural food for your fish and invertebrates