Bacta-Pur® biotechnologies have developed a world wide reputation as being state-of-the-art. Now our on-site techniques of physiological engineering of microorganisms to optimize process control have been automated to save time and money. The Bacta-Pur® BACTIVATORs for commercial use are automatic systems, which continuously grow and preactivate Bacta-Pur® biotechnologies.


  • ammonia and nitrite levels too high
  • feed conversion efficiency not high enough
  • biofilter taking too long to start
  • biofilter slow to respond to variations / fluctuating loads
  • stress causing health problems/disease
  • excessive soluble phosphates
Treatment Benefits
  • eliminate toxic levels, therefore reducing stress
  • reduced stress equals better feed conversion
  • active beneficial strains reduce start-up times
  • active beneficial strains allow for a quicker response
  • reduced stress thus increase disease resistance
  • reduce soluble phosphates

Bacta-Pur® BACTIVATORs have been engineered to overcome, cost-effectively, all of the above symptoms and problems by automatically performing the following operations:

  1. Grow the bacteria to increase their numbers;
  2. Physiologically engineer or activate the microorganisms to be in a rapid phase of growth prior to their addition to the system;
  3. Add active not just dormant cultures and enzymes 24 hours /day.

The Bacta-Pur® BACTIVATORs are designed to be simple to use and to save time and money while optimizing biofilter efficiency.

Establishing and maintaining the proper operation of a biofilter requires the continual presence of a balanced community of beneficial microorganisms, which are responsible for the removal of BOD, ammonia, nitrite, nitrate and phosphorous. The Bacta-Pur® BACTIVATOR has been designed to ensure the presence of all members of this community and to also ensure that they are continuously added in an active phase of growth.

Continually fortifying with the necessary microorganisms gives you an added advantage when it comes to variations within the system. The ability of your system to accommodate fluctuating loads, pH and temperature changes or changes which result from chemical / antibiotic treatment, will depend on the health of your biofilter. The time necessary to develop increased biomass (beneficial microorganisms) inhibits the ability to stock systems. Protect yourself from sudden biofilter problems by continuously supplying the necessary microorganisms.

It has been well documented that continual additions of active cultures, in high numbers, will limit the available living space for pathogenic (disease causing) microorganisms. With a reduced number of pathogens, disease prevalence and stress will decline. The benefits of overall reduced stress results in increased growth (conversion efficiency), survival, disease resistance and increased profits.

Process and equipment:

The Bacta-Pur® BACTIVATOR contains four principal components, which are mounted in a cabinet of blue rotomolded polyethylene: (1) reservoir for the microorganisms and nutrients, (2) multi-step bioreactor, (3) pre-filter and ultraviolet (U.V.) sterilization unit, and (4) electrical controls.

1. The reservoir contains up to a 30-day supply of Bacta-Pur® beneficial biotechnologies and nutrients. The nutrients have been specially developed to allow rapid growth and to optimize nitrifier production. A dosing pump transfers precise quantities of bacterial/nutrient mixture to the bioreactor.

2. The bioreactor has multiple internal compartments or growth chambers. These components are designed to provide the necessary environmental conditions which optimize growth. The flowing bacterial culture then leaves the Bacta-Pur® BACTIVATOR and is fed into the aquaculture facility by gravity.

3. The water treatment and distribution system is comprised of a micron screen filter to eliminate any large particulate matter which may clog the unit and reduce the efficiency of the ultraviolet sterilizer. The ultraviolet sterilizer removes pathogens and microbial predators prior to entering the bioreactor. A flow control valve and dosing pump, which is preadjusted to defined specifications, transfer precise quantities of treated water to the bioreactor. The pre-filter and ultraviolet sterilization unit allows the Bacta-Pur® BACTIVATOR to be installed almost anywhere within your operation by simply tapping into system water.

4. The electrical system is available for 120v, 60Hz or 220-240v, 50Hz service. UL/CSA approved components are used.

The Bacta-Pur® BACTIVATOR AQN has been designed to operate during long periods of time with a minimum of maintenance. The model numbers refer to the milliliters of product used daily.

Models Available
(110/120v, 60Hz or 220/240v, 50 Hz):

Model H: 
To biodegrade hydrocarbons;

Model XLG: 
to biodegrade
sludge, fats and
grease in
treatment plants;

to treat agricultural

to biodegrade
soluble organic
pollutants – BOD

Model N: 
To nitrify and
to denitrify.