Bacta-Pur® KLEAN SEPTIC contains a community of natural beneficial microorganisms, which have been selected for their synergistic ability to produce fat and protein digesting enzymes and to convert ammonia into nitrate and then into harmless nitrogen gas. This helps protect the precious water table. Enzymes produced by the microorganisms are already in the bottle, and more will be produced within the pipes and traps as the microorganisms biodegrade the accumulated wastes. Balanced communities of microorganisms which improve water quality are not available in municipal drinking water nor in our intestines. There is thus no way other than by bacterial addition to assure the presence of the essential team of beneficial microorganisms.

  • reduced percolation in leach field
  • grease accumulation in tank and leach field
  • noxious odors coming from drains & system
  • no nitrification/denitrification in leaching field
Treatment Benefits
  • increase percolation and eliminate puddling
  • biodegrade grease
  • control causes of noxious odors
  • reduce organic nitrogen levels in leaching field