The Bacta-Pur System

For decorative ponds:
The Bacta-Pur System for water quality improvement in decorative ponds consists of:

  • Bacta-Pur Klear – a balanced community of microorganisms for the reduction of ammonia, nitrite and nitrate. The guaranteed minimal cell count exceeds 10 cells/ml, which is more than 1000 times other brands. Bacta-Pur Klear reduces soluble phosphorous levels and improves water quality. 
  • Bacta-Pur Nutripak – growth enhancers to assure the presence of essential nutrients for healthy growth of the beneficial microorganisms in Bacta-Pur Klear and Bacta-Pur Sludgebusters
  • Bacta-Pur Sludgebusters – a balanced community of microorganisms to biodegrade organic wastes (sludge, fish waste etc.). Bacta-Pur Sludgebusters reduces the occurrence of oxygen deficient sludge areas and reduces odor production (methane, hydrogen sulfide etc.). 

Use Bacta-Pur Klear, Bacta-Pur Sludgebusters and Bacta-Pur Nutripak regularly to maintain clear water, to control ammonia and nitrite and to biodegrade sludge.