Christa and Glen Hestnes Dugout, Campbell River, BC

The challenge
The pond has an approximate surface area of 1/2 acre and is 14 feet deep. It is six years old and is showing signs of excess nutrients, such as algae, weeds and discoloration. The visibility was about 3 feet and the dissolved oxygen levels were 6.1 ppm. The customers recently stocked the pond with 300 rainbow trout.

Steps to a solution
In June 2000, Aquatech installed 200 feet of O2b2 Aeration Tubing with 100 feet of feeder tubing and a 1/3 Hp compressor. We also supplied a Bacta-Pur R100 Bactivator to continuously grow and preactivate the beneficial bacteria and automatically dose the pond. The dose rate of 200 ml Bacta-Pur XLG per day is supplied by means of a perforated hose on the bottom of the pond.

Three months later, dissolved oxygen levels of over 9 parts per million were sustained throughout the water column. Weed growth decreased and water clarity increased to 14 feet. The bacterial biomass is consumed by other aquatic organisms, which in turn become fish food.

View the flash animation produced by PFRA Water Quality Unit, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada.