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O2B2 Fine Bubble Tubing, aeration tubing, Bubble Tube, air diffuser tubing

Aquatech Environmental Systems is the industry leader in aeration tubing for waterways, canals, lakes, ponds, lagoons and wastewater treatment. We have developed O2B2 Fine Bubble Tubing as an efficient and economical way to deliver Oxygen or C02 into your water bodies . O2B2 has a long lifespan, and can be easily cleaned by changing the pressure within the system.

What are the benefits?

  • efficient aeration
  • low energy consumption
  • excellent mixing capabilities
  • low maintenance


  • tubing is made from a thermoplastic elastomer compound (fine particles of fully vulcanized EPDM
    rubber in a polypropylene matrix) that ensures:
  • high resistance to ozone and UV
  • high resistance to fungal growth
  • resistance to many acids and gases
  • environmentally friendly silica sands are used to
    serve as a ballast for the dual assembly
  • a life expectancy of over 25 years
  • very flexible
  • simple to install
  • easy to maintain


  • 02b2 Aeration Tubing is well suited for golf course ponds, dugouts, wastewater treatment lagoons, aquaculture systems and other applications where aeration systems are required.

O2B2 Fine Bubble Tubing, aeration tubing, Bubble Tube, air diffuser tubing

How does it work?

O2b2 Aeration Tubing is a unique dual, self-ballasting, thermoplastic elastomer compound extruded tubing. The primary tube has a multitude of tiny holes, arranged in a specific pattern, emitting and controlling a steady stream of air bubbles ranging from 1/100″ to 1/16″ when pressurized. The secondary tube is filled with environmentally friendly silica sand of various compositions, serving as ballast for the dual assembly.

The O2b2 is laid out strategically in the water body and is powered by a low-pressure compressor. As tiny bubbles are released from the tubing at the bottom of the pond, they rise at a rate of less than one foot per second (laminar flow). At this rate of ascent, the bubbles do not cause turbidity. As these bubbles rise, they expand and thus give off energy. As we know, when energy is given off, so then is heat. Therefore, by aerating in this fashion we are gently reducing the temperature of the lake. This is then the first stress we place on the algae and plants in the water. We also know that cooler water retains more oxygen than warmer water, which is a benefit to all marine creatures in the lake.

Why a bottom aeration system?

One benefit to a bottom aeration system is the mixing capability. As the bubbles rise and expand, they increase their surface area and a vacuum is formed below each bubble. This draws the water from the bottom of the lake towards the top, and then as the bubble bursts at the water surface it breaks the surface tension of the water. This allows more oxygen to transfer back into the water. It is in the mixing process that the thermoclines in the lake are eliminated, allowing fish and insects to live in the entire water column. Also, hydrogen sulphide and methane are no longer produced as the sludge layer changes to aerobic conditions. This eliminates odours and dangerous gases.

What about maintenance?

Our tubing can easily be cleaned by lifting it to the surface and wiping it down with a Scotch Brite pad, at the same time flexing the tubing from top to bottom. Due to the flexibility of the rubber compound very little growth ocurrs on our product. O2b2 has a high resistance to fungal growth including:

  •  Aspergillus niger
  •  Penicillium funciulosum
  • Chretomium globosum
  • Trichoderma sporulosum
  • Pullularia pullulans
  • Aspergillus flavus
  • Aspergillus versicolor

The thermoplastic elastomer compound has a high ozone resistance, which qualifies it to compete for uses in the water treatment industry. The ozone resistance is derived from the chemical composition of the rubber (fine particles of fully vulcanized EPDM rubber in polypropylene matrix).

O2b2 is also resistant to many acids and gases.
The combination of the thermoplastic elastomer compound and the silica sand ballast makes, the product very flexible, simple to install and maintain.

O2B2 Fine Bubble Tubing, aeration tubing, Bubble Tube, air diffuser tubing O2B2 Fine Bubble Tubing, aeration tubing, Bubble Tube, air diffuser tubing
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