What about maintenance?
Our tubing can easily be cleaned by lifting it to the surface and wiping it down with a Scotch Brite pad, at the same time flexing the tubing from top to bottom. Due to the flexibility of the rubber compound very little growth ocurrs on our product. O2b2 has a high resistance to fungal growth including:
Aspergillus niger
Penicillium funciulosum
Chretomium globosum
Trichoderma sporulosum
Pullularia pullulans
Aspergillus flavus
Aspergillus versicolor

The thermoplastic elastomer compound has a high ozone resistance, which qualifies it to compete for uses in the water treatment industry. The ozone resistance is derived from the chemical composition of the rubber (fine particles of fully vulcanized EPDM rubber in polypropylene matrix).

O2b2 is also resistant to many acids and gases.
The combination of the thermoplastic elastomer compound and the silica sand ballast makes, the product very flexible, simple to install and maintain.