Oxygem Aeration Platform


What are the Benefits?

What are the benefits?

  • oxygenating at specific depths
  • settling out solids
  • adjusting thermoclines
  • mixing
  • 10 Oxygem units will produce 14,000 litres of dissolved
    oxygen per hour.
  • in two hours ten Oxygems will produce as much
    oxygen as in a 125 cubic m. liquid oxygen tank
    for an energy cost of about $3.00.
  • allows aquaculturalists to consider sites that were
    previously unsuitable

How does it work?
To address the specific aeration needs of the aquaculture industry, Aquatech developed the Oxygem. The Oxygem consists of a 20′ x 20′ platform constructed of fiberglass. The platform is suspended from the surface via cables and plastic floats. On the platform a series of O2b2 diffuser tubes are connected to a 2″ H.D.P.E. header. A bacteria delivery system is installed for adequate nutrient reduction. A perpendicular pipe is suspended in the centre of the platform. As air is injected through the top it creates a low-pressure area in relation to the water outside. This process is called an airlift. This effect causes water from the lower depths to be forced up through the pipe and to be mixed with the surface water. The cooler water raised from the bottom by the airlift descends through the bubble curtain and absorbs oxygen along the way. By perforating the ballast cell on the O2b2 tubing, Aquatech doubled the oxygen output of the Oxygem.

O2B2 Fine Bubble Aeration Tubing

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